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Reno Divorce Attorney Marilyn York

I've known Reno divorce attorney Marilyn York for about 6 years now.  I've seen her work on all sorts of divorce and family law cases, and she has done work for my family a number of times.  I wanted to put up this site as a thank you to Marilyn for all of the hard work and energy she has put in over the years, and to let other people know that I think she's the best divorce lawyer in Reno, Nevada.  Below are some testimonials from other people who think so too...

Date: November 28, 2007 10:59:29 AM PST
Subject: Testimonial from J. Arreguini

In January 2005 my life was met by an event that I felt I would never survive. My wife of 10
years announce to me that she had met someone else and was leaving me. I was
devastated. I never could have imagined that the women I fell in love with 11 years earlier
and the mother of my children would walk away. Like most in this situation, I begged her to
stay. I promised things would be different. I was willing to do anything and everything to
keep my marriage together. We began counseling and even asked our church for help, but
on Mother's Day of 2005, she left.

I knew that she would soon file for divorce and wanted to be prepared for the worst. I called
around and asked friends and family if they new anyone in family law, but no one was much
help. I was lost. My wife was gone and while she didn't take the kids at first, she was about

In a last ditch effort to find someone to help me, I grabbed the phonebook and flipped
through the pages of what felt like a million and one attorneys. Then I came across the
advertisement for Marilyn D. York in the Yellow Pages.

I was amazed that there was someone out there who actually was focused on Father's
Rights and Divorce. It was like it was too good to be true. Scared, I picked up the phone
and scheduled an appointment. I had never met with an attorney before and the last thing I
wanted to do was explain my life's story.

I met with Marilyn the next week and laid out the story that was now turning into a
nightmare. I was sure that she was going to say that this case was so messed up and that
she wanted nothing to do with this, but I was wrong. She sat there and listened to my every
word and let me know that I am not the only person who has, is and will go through this and
that she would be happy to help me get through the divorce and fight for my kids. I left
scared about the future, but knowing that I would not have to fight this battle alone.

Over the next two years my life had what felt like few highs and many lows. All I thought
about was how I could survive this ordeal and in a world that has always sided with the
mom in custody cases, I would be lucky if I got to see my kids a few times a month.

I was wrong and I did survive. It seemed that over the course of the two years if there was a
twist and turn that could happen, it did. Yet at every situation Marilyn and her incredible
staff was there. If there was a problem with an exchange of children or I just needed some
legal advice they were there.

When it came time to stand before the Judge, Marilyn's knowledge and wisdom was far
better than anything I had ever expected. She handled herself with the skill and
determination of the Iron Chef. She was ready at a moments notice to take on any challenge
the opposing counsel would through her way.

In the end, I was awarded primary custody of my children. I know that this was do to
Marilyn and her staff going above and beyond to fight for what was is the best interests of
the children and fighting for my rights as a father.

As with all divorces and custody cases, there never really is an end as parents are always
parents, but Marilyn has continued to assist me with issues and challenges that arise with
my children. I cannot imagine what would have happened to my kids' life or mine with out
the help and guidance from Marilyn and her unbelievable team.

Jerod Arreguini
Reno, Nevada

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