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I've known Reno divorce attorney Marilyn York for about 6 years now.  I've seen her work on all sorts of divorce and family law cases, and she has done work for my family a number of times.  I wanted to put up this site as a thank you to Marilyn for all of the hard work and energy she has put in over the years, and to let other people know that I think she's the best divorce lawyer in Reno, Nevada

There aren't many attorneys who put their reputation on the line - Marilyn does.  She mainly works with Men clients (Father's Rights) and has fought in the news, and in the legal community for fairer laws concerning fathers' rights - and to eliminate the gender bias that still exists in the law.

Thank you Marilyn York for all that you've done for our community!  If you have any questions regarding Marilyn, I am happy to tell you about her - or you can browse through the testimonials on the next pages.  You can contact me (No, I'm not on her staff at:  kevinporter001@gmail.com

Her contact information is Marilyn York - 324-7979 www.marilynyork.net.  She mainly works with Men.


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